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The boiler-house contains two boilers for supplying the whole of the buildings with hot water and steam for the purposes of cooking, warming rooms and corridors, and water supply to baths, sinks, and laundry.

The cold-water supply is obtained from a well, and forced by steam-pumps to large tanks in the tank-room, over master's house, and from thence it is distributed to various parts of the buildings.

The workhouse location and layout are shown on the 1882 map below.

Mildenhall workhouse site, c.1882 Mildenhall original workhouse from the east, 2001. In 1894-5 a new workhouse was built at the north side of King's Way.

The average annual poor-rate expenditure for the period 1833-35 had been £5,978 or 12s.9d. In 1836, the new Mildenhall Union took over the existing parish workhouse and the Poor Law Commissioners authorized the sum of £400 for its enlargement.

It then comprised three main sections: a central accommodation building, a building to the north containing the Master's accommodation, and a building to the south which included the Guardians' board room.

The Cambrian Mountains are a mountain bikers heaven with miles of off road tracks.

Airing yards are provided for each sex in the different departments, bounded by high brick walls.

All the baths, closets, slop-sinks, and other conveniences are up-to-date in design, and all sanitary blocks are intercepted from main buildings by fresh-air lobbies. The whole of the buildings have been designed and carried out by Mr. The King's way workhouse buildings have now been entirely demolished and a library and other buildings now occupy the site.

The buildings are all built with Suffolk white bricks and dressings, quoins, moulded courses, and other finishings in red bricks. The whole of the work has been expeditiously carried out by Messrs.

This map of hostels and bunkhouses shows the locations of self catering accommodation in Mid Wales and along both sides of the Welsh Border, from Chepstow to Chester.

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