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Miyuki later finds out about Izumiko's disappearance. At first Wamiya rejects saying that Izumiko said 'Don't come' (you already watched this in ep 11) and now he senses that she doesn't want to come back plus she is with Masumi who is apparently stronger than him (if you're reading the novel you could feel ever since the volume 3-4 that Wamiya is jealous of Masumi).

However, Wamiya finally agrees only to transfer both Miyuki and Takayanagi the dog into another dimension but they must find a way to Izumiko by themselves.

Yukimasa takes Izumiko to meet with Yukariko and then mother and daughter go back to Tamakura Jinja. THAT final scene: Izumiko goes out for a walk, enjoying the starry night. So I'd like to ask some questions re the novel's true ending in vol 6.

Miyuki suddenly comes to the scene which makes Izumiko surprises because she thought he's in Tokyo. 1) Does the novel ever fully reveal WHO the Goddess/Himegami REALLY is?

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Masumi appears and persuades her to stay in this dimension/layer forever with him and other ghosts.

She asks Hodaka and the student council to announce Takayanagi as a top student/best candidacy for the World Heritage to the school's president.

Next highlight is at the School's Christmas Event in which not only students but parents also joining.

I'm sure he would later be humiliated by the Soudas for the rest of his life because of this incident).

Izumiko then went to another dimension/layer and wished that she would never go back to the reality again because she doesn't want to be captured and control by anybody.

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