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His "Bible Expositions" became popular in various location like the Philippines, Singapore, Hongkong, Australia, Middle East, North America and Canada.

There are also Bible Expositions conducted, however, online in London, Germany, Rome, Italy and other European countries. Eli began exploring the potential of the World Wide Web in streaming live his bible expositions.

Our goal is to be able to identify specific features from a satellite image.

In other words, we need to train a supervised classification model with some input images in order to be able to predict the existence and location of that element in other satellite images. In this document we use Open CV (Open Source Computer Vision Library), which is able to bring significant results as we will show later.

[DRAFT] Machine Learning for Development: A method to Learn and Identify Earth Features from Satellite Images Prepared by Antonio Zugaldia; commissioned by the Big Data team, Innovation Labs, the World Bank All code is MIT licensed, and the text content is CC-BY.Please feel free to send edits and updates via Pull Requests.“Machine Learning” is one of the tools on Big Data analysis.Ein Blick auf den entsprechenden Forschungsstand zeigt jedoch, dass der Ansatz vor allem um die Frage kreist, das Verhältnis von Bild und Wahrgenommenem zu erklären; dagegen dürfte das Problem womöglich eher darin liegen, dass Verfahren der Psychologie nicht im ausreichenden Maße berücksichtigt sind.Eine Forschungsaufgabe bestünde darin, aus einem gestaltpsychologischen Blickwinkel und dem Konzept der menschlichen ‚Sensory Property‘ für die Bildwissenschaften ein neues Wahrnehmungsmodell zu entwickeln, das der Idee des wissenschaftlichen Realismus gerecht wird.

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