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To give you a brief overview of the kind of person he is, in a recent interview, he revealed his biggest indulgence is a pair of green crocodile loafers from Hermes.He said: "I’m not going to tell you how much they were, they were made for me specifically, they were disgustingly expensive." Coming from money certainly helps when going on a show like Made in Chelsea.The department said the snake is generally only permitted in accredited zoos.Anne Bull, a spokeswoman for the New Brunswick's Natural Resources department, said the African rock python is not permitted in the province and said the department had no knowledge of the existence of the snake prior to this week's tragedy.Police said the snake was killed by a veterinarian.It was sent for a necropsy to confirm the type of snake and help understand what may have caused it to attack.New photos have emerged of the two brothers killed by an escaped python playing inside a snake enclosure.The pictures, posted by the mother of Noah Barthe, four, and Connor Barthe, six, in 2012, show them scrubbing and cleaning the inside of the enclosure.

How can you actually write "don't look for a society to give you permission to be yourself" and be expected to be taken seriously?

Hundreds of people in the shocked community of Campbellton, New Brunswick, gathered for a candlelight vigil Wednesday evening in a show of support for the family.

Steve Benteau, a spokesman for the provincial Natural Resources Department, said no permit was issued for an African rock python and provincial authorities weren't aware it was being kept at the apartment.

To illustrate the exact spectrum of looks we’re talking about here, and to put some human faces on our discussion, I want to introduce a few photos of real Ok Cupid users.

Here are two women and two men near the top of our range.

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