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Downstairs at breakfast, Mom said, “I’ll be working late tonight, so Mrs. She flipped back her covers, swung her legs over the side of the bed, and put her bare, eight-year-old feet on the cold hardwood floor. She was definitely wearing a sweater and socks today. Turkey bacon was gross, but her mom thought it was better for her than regular bacon. He followed the voice to a well deep within a forest near his house… Sterling and was happier than usual when her mother came to pick her up around five. After mom tucked her in, she lay there in the dark listening intently and was nearly asleep when she heard it again. All they did was hang out and laugh at stupid jokes. Boys liked fart jokes, but Amy didn’t see the draw. Amy’s mother was questioned mercilessly but eventually they understood she was only a distraught parent searching for her child. Sterling’s door, she answered it looking fresh as a daisy with a beautiful white smile and blue eyes sparkling.

” Amy, blonde hair matted from sleep, sat up in bed and rubbed her blue eyes. School is important and you need to go.” It was the same answer mom gave every time Amy asked to stay home. And you’ve got to pass fourth grade to get into fifth. ” “I know all that, Mom,” Amy said, almost whining with frustration. There really IS something in here.” “Well, maybe it’s just a little mouse and if it is, it won’t hurt you. She lay there in bed quietly thinking about the sound, about Mrs. When the police got involved, they did a full investigation. ” Her mother came right up and together they stood in the middle of Amy’s room, silent and still, as they both listened. “Amy, I know you don’t want to go to school tomorrow, and I’d love to let you stay home, but you need to go. “You’ve got to get a good education, sweetheart, and even though third grade might not be so much fun, you’ve go to pass it to get into fourth grade. Later, sitting on her bed with her legs swung over the edge, Amy was reading yet another book. She would have time to read for a while before her mother came upstairs to tuck her in.

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