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The most prominent female pharaoh, Hatshepsut reigned over Egypt for roughly two decades, undertaking ambitious building projects and establishing valuable new trade routes until her death in 1458 B. The archaeologist Howard Carter discovered her royal tomb in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings in 1902.

When he located her sarcophagus some years later, however, it was found to be empty.

The first few expeditions have uncovered several hundred mummies that date back to Egypt’s Greco-Roman period, as well as a treasure trove of artifacts.

The diversity of the mummies’ adornments suggests that the site served as the final resting place for every level of society, including wealthy merchants, members of the middle class and poorer inhabitants.

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Ginger and the other bodies found with it are the oldest known mummies in existence, dating back to about 3400 B. Artificial mummification was not yet a common practice at the time of their deaths, but their bodies were naturally dried and preserved by the warm sand in which they were buried.Their bones were ground up into powder and sold as medicine, and their wrappings were used to make paint.Some even say that early American paper manufacturers imported Egyptian mummies and made wrapping paper out of their bindings.His death inspired the myth of the mummy’s curse, according to which anyone who dared intrude upon King Tut’s grave would suffer his wrath.Regarded by many historians as Egypt’s most powerful pharaoh, Ramesses II reigned for six decades (c. C.), lived to be over 90 years old and is said to have fathered upwards of 100 children.

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