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Next, the collection: The first two models added are a pair of Welsh Models stretched DC-8’s I recently obtained a pair of Aurora Plastics models, dating back to the mid 60’s when I helped a widow clear her husband’s kit collection. DRAW Decal released a new decal for the Air France Boeing 787-9 as sheets DW44-787-018 in 1/144 scale and DW20-787-018 in 1/200 scale.

Both kits a re very well preserved, boxes are in excellent condition, though the decals have yellowed with age. Two Six re-released two of their Vickers Super VC-10 decals.

The kit is the Eastern Express kit, packaged with a Two Six screen printed or laser printed decal.

This week the new releases cover a kit, resin parts and decals…. Next up, Two Six re-released their 1/144 scale De Havilland 106 Comet 4 and 4C wingtips.

Finally, and a bit of a surprise, Zvezda teamed up with the Russian Postal Service to release a Tupolev 204C, in the Russioan PO markings.

It is, unfortunately, only available at your local Russian Post Office.

It is not, however, a direct copy, and the parts breakdown (for example the rear fuselage is provided as separate parts) is very different.

It lacks locating pins for mating the fuselage halves, wing halves and stab halves, making assembly a little more challenging.

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